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    My name is Daniella and I'm a photographer, multimedia journalist, and web designer based in London and NYC.
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Farnborough International Airshow

I had a blast shooting the Farnborough International Airshow for The Wall Street Journal a couple days ago. I’ve seen a lot of flight displays recently related to my Sunday Soldiers project, but this was something else — massive commercial jets were darting through the sky like they were fighter planes. Crazy! Anyway — here are a few … Read more


Monaco Grand Prix Historique

Last month, I spent a few days covering the Monaco Grand Prix Historique for The Wall Street Journal, shooting stills, video, and even some GoPro footage from the cars. Here’s a smattering of images from the weekend of May 9-11, featuring classic cars from as early as the 1930s. Amateur drivers race their vintage cars … Read more


World War II

Here are a few portraits of World War II reenactors from a project I started over the weekend at the Peterborough Heritage Festival… Squadron Sergeant-Major Nick Gibson, 3rd Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers, 6th Airborne Division. Lieutenant Richard Knight, Royal Norfolk Regiment (WWI) Sir Winston Churchill / Alan Kempton Sergeant Connor Keightley, Royal Canadian Air Force … Read more

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